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According to European Union surveys, 80% of new businesses cease to exist in their first 5 years of operation. The factors contributing to this are numerous and combine the future of each new business. Such factors include the lack of a business plan, the lack of marketing philosophy, the wrong choices of investing in the available budget, the lack of entrepreneurial spirit, etc. In the modern market, the struggle of small and medium-sized businesses for survival is tough and unequal. By adopting Marketing in your business, you can differentiate yourself from competition, increase your turnover and new customers and strengthen your Brand in the market you are in.

Business Consultants

Draw up a Business Plan
The Business Plan is a useful tool for understanding the proper functioning of a business. HugSS ltd has qualified staff who consistently follow the steps below to properly compile the business plan.


Tax Services

Statement of income of all entities (SA, EPE, IKE, OE, EU, Non-Keroscopic, NGO)
Carry out a tax planning study in accordance with the European Directives
Mediation of transfer of tax residence (residents)


Development Programs

Within a constantly changing and evolving environment, HugSS Ltd is a business consulting company located next to you and provides you with complete services with validity and seriousness.


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