Real Estate


HugSS ltd is active in real estate management. We provide Rental, Renovation, Construction to individuals and professionals, for residential or business premises.
Our team of associates consists of certified engineers, associate lawyers, accountants, experienced professional real estate agents. cooperates and includes a complete technical department.
Collaborations with major companies ensure the best quality of the products we offer to our customers.
These partnerships, combined with experience, know-how, installation guarantees and good operation, are our strengths.
Selected Properties (after evaluation) for Renovation.

- Detached houses.
- Apartments.
- Offices.
- Professional spaces.
- Hotels.

HugSS ltd, following market trends, adopts new technologies and continually invests in energy products, offering integrated solutions.
The first and main rule of all is to choose a moderator to renovate your space, that is, to assign someone who knows to take up this job or give it to a company as a whole by concluding a contract where you will be guaranteed that everything will be done correctly and as you like.
In cases where some people attempted to manage a home renovation on their own, the failure rate was large enough, with the result of having technical mistakes that are often significant and have escaped the original economic goal.
This is the result and is logical, because the lack of experience does not allow for the proper management of the various tasks you have chosen, as well as the handling of various technical issues that will come along.
Also the option to place some products is wrong and the cost of buying is high.
HugSS ltd undertakes the study, renovation or construction of your space.