Bussiness Consultants

Draft Business Plan Business Plan
The Business Plan is a useful tool for understanding the proper operation of a business.
HugSS ltd has specialized staff who consistently follow the steps below for the proper writing of the business plan.
Home Interview with the business
Data collection of the business
Market/Competition Analysis Financial Plan Analysis
Production Process Study
Sustainability Study
Study Conclusions

Business Plan for Bank Loan
Business plans are an integral part of applications to secure bank lending.
These are business plans that are required almost on every loan application.
HugSS ltd has the appropriate expertise to draw up your Business Plan to be submitted to the bank together with the loan application.

This is a study that describes the analytical advertising actions of a business in a specific time period.
HugSS ltd undertakes to compile and deliver to the customer the detailed Marketing Plan that includes:
Target Market Analysis
Market Research
Goal Setting
Analytical Advertising Action Program
Budget Determination
Forecasts of Results